One Foot In The Blues

A Night On Broadway

Taken during 2019 visit to New York for Strawbs 50th Anniversary concerts in Lakewood New Jersey…

Just Another Easter Monday

Musik Laden Studios

I been called many things but this is the tops…


A New Years gift from my friend Brian Parrish

Strawbs New Album


‘SETTLEMENT’ produced by Blue Weaver

the brand-new album

26 February 2021

CD / LP / Streaming 


Settlement is the latest album by Strawbs, more than 50 years on from the band’s first major label release. The album comes at a time of political and social upheaval, which the lyrics and melodies of the songs reflect. Undeterred by the fact that ‘business as usual’ was not possible because of the global COVID-19 pandemic – working remote from one another, from their own home studios – Settlement is a remarkable achievement. 

David Cousins, leader of Strawbs says: “Settlement is something extraordinary. I can’t think of another band who can go from metal grunge to the lilt of an Irish ghost story – or from a song in 6/8 time to singing in 4/4 over a 5/4 backbeat – in half an hour.” He goes on to say: “The lyrics reflect the times we have been living through:

‘Once we went dancing through quicksilver days’, or ‘What the autocrats are selling you is Sturm und Drang’, or ‘All bear witness, come together, we are everyone’. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved.”

Settlement is produced by Blue Weaver who played with Strawbs and Bee Gees in their 1970s heydays. The recording was coordinated from Blue’s studio in Germany, where he now lives. Strawbs are David Cousins, Dave Lambert, Chas Cronk, Dave Bainbridge, and Tony Fernandez who last played together at Strawbs 50th Anniversary Weekend in Lakewood, New Jersey in April 2019. 

Strawbs guests on Settlement are John Ford, another former member of Strawbs, who lives in New York, Cathryn Craig, with her lovely voice and unmistakable Southern lilt, who lives in Northern Ireland, and bass player Schalk Joubert, with whom David Cousins performed in South Africa at the beginning of the year.

Blue Weaver sums it up: “Strawbs dusted off their instruments and set up the necessary technology to make it happen – ranging from state-of-the-art recording equipment to an ironing board!  It is unprecedented that a recording of this quality could be made without a single face to face meeting. There comes a time when every Settlement is due!”

CD release


2.Strange Times

3.Judgement Day

4.Each Manner of Man

5.The Visit

6.Flying Free

+3 bonus tracks

7.Quicksilver Days

8.We Are Everyone


Champion Jack

Better Days



Strawbs last album The Ferryman’s Curse, released in 2018, returned the band to the best-selling charts. It was produced by Chris Tsangarides who sadly died a month after the recording of the album.

In 2019 Strawbs celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the release of the band’s first album in New Jersey, alongside the United Nations Singers and a 30-piece orchestra conducted by Tony Visconti. 

It Couldn’t Happen Here

This was my interpretation of Angelo Badalamenti’s score for the Pet Shop Boys faithfully re-created by EstuaryMists from my original Fairlight Series III sequences…Not sure how they obtained them but never mind I’m glad to hear it again…

Ciao Italia…

A video I made to help promote and raise money for the Italian Red Cross. This was a little difficult as we all reside in different parts of the world but with the use of the internet, technology and patience I managed to get this together…Thanks to all involved including Savvas and Francesco…

Octopus TV Interviews

  1. This is a link to a series of personal interviews I have done recently