Worpswede Sessions

What a great way to spend a Tuesday evening.The sessions alternate between Sontag and the Village. Playing with great musicians and learning lots of things, like improvisation and stuff that I could never do onstage and never really had the time to learn. Love my little Hammond SK2 and Leslie 2101, both sound great.

Bee Gees Spirits 1979 Tour Rehearsals

Nice comments here from Maurice The Bee Gees toured with their band, formed in 1975 and which consisted of Dennis Bryon on drums, Blue Weaver on various keyboards, and Alan Kendall on lead guitar. This band was more than just a group of musicians playing together. As Maurice once said: “They’re part of the family. HavingContinue Reading

PSB’s – OGWT – Later Tonight

First Whistle Test performance by the PSB’s see also the ‘Opportunities’ clip and you’ll see the 2 Fairlights we also used to program the tracks but appart from that all was live. I’d forgotten what a really great sound we created that night.

Ballad of Mott the Hoople@NFT

Just went to see this new ‘Documottary’ at the National Film Festival in London, great work by all. Chris Hall and Mike Kerry present the story with the passion and affection of genuine fans….Makes me realise I played a small part in one of the worlds greatest rock bands. See it if you can…

The Blue Gees?

This is one of the few videos that actually has some great shots of all the band. All my buttons broke off my shirt but the show must go on!