My Friend the Bosendorfer

My grandson Robert took this great picture during my 70th birthday party @ the Musichall Worpswede…Thanks Rob…

Pete Woverand Oats

Anyone that knew Pete will understand the title of my post…I realised this morning that I never saw Pete get angry. A very much ‘Unsung Hero’ of mine…

Posthumous Album By Mott The Hoople Co-Founder Pete Overend Watts

Massachusetts 2018

15 Jan 2018
Hannover • Theater am Aegi • 20:00 Uhr

16 Jan 2018
Hannover • Theater am Aegi • 20:00 Uhr

Worpswede Magic

Worpswede December 2017

Almost Christmas and it’s white…I expect it will be gone before Christmas eve especially as we just ordered a snow plough from eBay…

Unsung Hero

I have recently been involved  in the creation of a new website please take a look. I think everyone knows someone who has never been given the credit they really deserve. You can now sing their story here…

Massachusetts 2017


I know I say this every year but this was the best one yet, storywise and visualy. Dennis came back on tour and Vince joined as a permanent part of the show. Myself Dennis and Vince also joined the brothers for some concerts in Spain. Dennis decided to sell some of his books on Las Ramblas. We had some great shows in Austria and hope to go back again in the future. The tour finished in May and I did some concerts with the brothers in Sardinia and Italy. I am now trying to make a new CD for our tour in 2018. Hope to see you there…

Massachusetts 2016

Well this was a great year for me as my old friend, drummer and band member from Brother John and the Witnesses, Amen Corner and The Bee Gees Dennis Bryon joined us for the Massachusetts tour. We had a great time and towards the end of the tour we were joined by another original Bee Gee Vince Melouney on guitar and vocal. Looking forward to the next tour…Looks like Dennis will also be there

Massachusetts 2015

We are now preparing a new show for 2015 some venues have been finalised see for more details.

Each year this show grows more popular and we hope you will help us celebrate the Bee Gees music again in 2015.

Thank you


Massachusetts 2014

After a very successful tour of Germany in 2013 with the Egiziano Brothers, otherwise known as ‘The Italian Bee Gees’ we have embarked on another tour ‘Massachusetts 2014’ the tour is now over and the response from the audiences has been fantastic.

Massachusetts3We feel a lot happier with the production this time having learnt a lot in 2013. One review said “The best Bee Gees since The Bee Gees” which is really encouraging for the brothers.The band, ladies, Jesse, dancers and crew have, as usual been amazing. I have been included as a special guest and yes I do feel special and never thought I would be back on stage with 3 brothers singing and playing Bee Songs. Thank you all..







See also this link

Now preparing a new show for 2015 most venues have been booked see for details…