Amen Corner – Hello Susie

Beat Club with the beautiful Uschi Nerke…I had to wait 50 years to give her a kiss and then a few thousand people were watching:-)

Have to check the original 45 to see if ‘Susie’ or ‘Suzie’

What a ‘Racket’


Local group ‘Racket’ playing Vinuela Pantano Summer 2007, Blue – keyboards, Arturo – Bass, Mike – Guitar, Nik – Drums, Pix – Guitar & Vocals. Racket now disbanded but some members formed new band ‘Guiri’

Stayin’ Alive – Ozzy Osbourne/Dweezil Zappa

2 heavy versions

2 great covers…

Lou Reed – Men Of Good Fortune (Berlin Album)

Really good to hear how my simple piano part has developed.

Great quote from Lou in one book written about him (can’t remember which do you? please comment if so.)
I was quoted (I’m pretty sure I didn’t say it) as saying Lou couldn’t play after six o’clock because of taking too many drugs, anyway when Lou was asked about this he said “Blue couldn’t play before or after six and he didn’t f**king take any”. I was so nervous and in awe playing with all the guys, imagine being asked to come and have a warm up jam with a few guys, as Bob Ezrin put it when he saw me drinking my half pint at the bar in Morgan Studios, when I walked in the studio there was Jack Bruce, Aynsley Dunbar,Steve Hunter,Gene Martynec and Steve Windwood had just had to leave and they expected “me” to take over?

Why Blue?


Charlotte Church’s grandfather Gary played sax in a local early 60’s Cardiff band called ‘The Sect Maniacs’ and he nicknamed me Blue after Bluebottle, Peter Sellers character in the Cult 50’s/60’s ‘Goon Show’.

T Rex – Get It On (totp)

Good to see Sir Elton miming (way over the top) to my piano part,which on this mix you can hardly hear.

Fairweather – Natural Sinner

Fairweather was Amen Corner without the sax players Mike Smith and Alan Jones. For a while we toured with a large brass section but then I left, eventually to join Strawbs, and the band carried on for a short while before disbanding.

Gladys Knight – The Way It Was

A piano piece I’d written before I joined the Bee Gees. One night I was playing this in the studio when Barry started singing along and before I’d finished had lyrics originally called “The Restless Years” but later changed, I wish that tile had stayed as it gets confused with “The Way We Were” especially as Gladys sang it also.
I still get a lump in my throat when I hear this and can’t believe such great singers want to sing my songs.

Andy Gibb/Barbra Streisand – Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away)

So Young! So Talented! So Sad!

Also recorded by Barbra Streisand

Strawbs – Backside

The original working title for this track was “Ciggy Barlust and the Whales From Uranus” but I don’t think the record label liked it so we settled on “Backside”. My Viscount X150 with the Viscount Leslie features on this track.