PSB’s – OGWT – Later Tonight

First Whistle Test performance by the PSB’s see also the ‘Opportunities’ clip and you’ll see the 2 Fairlights we also used to program the tracks but appart from that all was live. I’d forgotten what a really great sound we created that night.

Pet Shop Boys

Quote from Chris Lowe during an interview with Johnny Marr “CL: I’d like to have been in the Bee Gees when they were doing Saturday Night Fever in Miami. Blue Weaver, who we worked with – he used to detonate the pyrotechnics on Tragedy. I wouldn’t have minded doing that.” See full article

Hiromi Uehara

Just had to share this with you, if you’ve never heard of her you won’t forget her now! Absolutely beautiful…  check out the other videos also…speed! power! she’s got it all.

Andy Fairweather Low

Anyone close to Bremen/Hamburg/Hanover check out Andy Fairweather Low and the Low Riders at Worpswede Music Hall onthe 3rd/4th April. Andy is now getting recognition again (rightly so) as an artist in his own right and not just a sidekick to Eric Clapton or Roger Waters. Go for it Fair! Who says there’s noContinue Reading

Kenny Moore – RIP

Only just read that an old friend Kenny Moore died while on tour with Tina Turner in 1997 I wondered why I hadn’t heard of him for such a long time. Kenny was a lovely person and radiated a warmth and generosity that is rare these days. He was a fantastic piano player and hisContinue Reading