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Musik Laden Studios

Music Room Chiswick ’86

Not a great quality picture. Anyone that visited would remember Chico under the console.

The Norwegian Barn, Elstree

This was my home(along with some other girls’n’boys from around the end of ’69 until 1971. It didn’t have the upper windows back then.
Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti spent part of their honeymoon there and she had her jewellery stolen, apparently the thief spent some time in the roof space above their bed before descending and robbing them…

1987 Frankfurt Motor Show

The first 9 cover tracks on my MP3 Player were created for Volkswagen’s presentation at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show.
We held auditions at Skyline Studios Dusseldorf as each singer also had to dance and each had to have an individual look and ethnic background if possible.

I was first tested to see if I was up for the job with ‘Good Vibrations’ I created a Logic backtrack and then got musicians into Townhouse Studios for the recording.
All the voices were created by Anthony Rivers, Tony Rivers and I think John Perry or maybe the Swetenhams? (I will check this but I know it was a Grapefruit). I got the gig…

The following tracks apart from Jimmy James were writing demos… Sorry the quality is not so good they are all MP3 and long tracks like Prayer-Great Gig in the Sky are only 192khz

I created the Great Gig In The Sky Track for anyone wishing to attempt the vocal part. The Intro is my own I had the idea of putting the Lords Prayer over it but am still waiting for a sign from above…

Musik Laden

After Beat Club Michael (Mike) Leckebusch created Musik Laden in a studio underneath his house near Bremen. It was an amazing task and when watching repeats of this program and visiting the studio you would not believe it was possible (that is unless you performed on the Old Grey Whistle Test). I was lucky enough to do both and was invited again back to the old Musik Laden studios for an impromptu gig last Friday evening. It is amazing everything is still there and working and the sound studio with ASP board is available for hire. I remember so much of this equipment and how fascinated I was each time I had to record and perform on shows like this and then always want to checkout the video side of things.




Thank you Dr. Siegfried Zaft for saving all and now you are able take us all back to our youth…

Get It On Tony

Tony Visconti confirms piano player on Bang A Gong Get It On…

Speakeasy Membership

Original membership card from the great ‘Speak’ 48 Margaret Street, London.
Speakeasy Membership Card

The 80’s – Sampling

In 1980 I bought my first Fairlight (the very first sampler made) and was soon happily creating 1000’s of samples. Then a few years later Akai developed their incredibly cheap, compared to the Fairlight, range of samplers.

This prompted an incredible amount of people and companies trying to sell their own samples every music magazine was smothered with their ad’s each professing to be better than the rest so I created my own range. You can see my ad at the bottom of my “instruments” page.

Did you buy these samples?

Did you buy these samples?

Linda McCartney



Signed copy of Linda's Photographs book

Signed copy of Linda's Photographs book

In 1982 I got a call from Tony Visconti to go to his Middle Earth studios to do some Fairlight programming. When I got there I was really suprised to find out it was for an album with Linda. She had just published ‘Photographs’ and proceeded to give me a signed copy. To this day one of my prized posessesions.

Unfortunately it was at the same time Paul was making ‘Give My Regards To Broadway’ and came in one day and told Linda he needed her to be on-set with him, so that was the end of that project but I believe ‘Wide Prairie’ has some of those tracks on. It was so long ago I can’t really remember which ones.

I first met Linda when I was doing a session at Air Studios Oxford Circus London, during a break I went to get a drink, the drinks machine was next to the entrance to Studio A, I could hear music comming from inside and went closer to the door just at that moment Paul opened the door I was leaning against and I fell in at his feet. Tony Visconti was sat at the desk and said ‘My God Blue what are you doing?’ Paul said, do you know this guy? and Tony explained who I was. I was invited in and Paul and Linda told Geoff Emerick, the engineer, to wind the tape back, I was then treated to a private listening of ‘Band On The Run’ the ochestrations had just been recorded then I was present when Howie Casey created that wonderful sax  on ‘Bluebird’ . Needless to say I completely forgot I was supposed to be playing piano on a session in Studio B. WhenI returned no-one believed my excuse but I didn’t really care I’d had the experience of a lifetime.

Nashville Rooms – West Kensington

Did I dream it or did I really see Jerry Reed, Albert Lee, Dave Edmunds and Mickey Gee all play together there one night in the early seventies? Help please!