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OGWT – Strawbs

The Old Grey Whistle Test – Strawbs ‘Tears and Pavan’

Strawbs – 40 years

Me with 2 Mellotrons

Me with 2 Mellotrons

Just returned from a fabulous weekend in London. It was the Strawbs 40th reunion concerts in Twickenham. Over 2 days we had fantastic lineups which included myself, Dave Cousins, Rick Wakeman, Jo Partridge, Andy Richards, Oliver Wakeman, Rod Coombes, Brian Willoughby, Cathryn Craig, Sonja Kristina, Tony Fernadez, Ian Cutler, Melvin Duffy, Dave Lambert, Chas Cronk, Roy Hill, Robert Kirby + orchestra and compered hilariously by Fred Wedlock.

Sadly Robert Kirby died a few weeks after this concert.

Full details to follow

Strawbs – Backside

The original working title for this track was “Ciggy Barlust and the Whales From Uranus” but I don’t think the record label liked it so we settled on “Backside”. My Viscount X150 with the Viscount Leslie features on this track.

Strawbs – Old Grey Whistle Test

Very rare! Strawbs play Tears & Pavan.

Strawbs – (S)Hits-A-GoGo

This is what happens when you fly a band to Germany at 7:00am arrive at studio in Baden-Baden at 9:00am and told to go to the bar where there is food and drink, “help yourself and we will come for you when we are ready”. They came at about 4:30pm needless to say all food and Driiiiiiiiink gone. We were not the only band from what I remember there were the Nashville Teens and Junior Cambell. The show was called “Hits-A-GoGo” and someone found a camera pointing to a large card with the shows title on, well a large “S” was added.

Can you imagine, the show was live but the producer nearly died. Anyway a lesson was learnt I’m sure…So tonight live it’s “SHits-A-GoGo”…

Strawbs – Part Of The Union

Strawbs – Lay Down – TOTP

Check out the boots!