Pete Woverand Oats

Anyone that knew Pete will understand the title of my post…I realised this morning that I never saw Pete get angry. A very much ‘Unsung Hero’ of mine… Posthumous Album By Mott The Hoople Co-Founder Pete Overend Watts

Ballad of Mott the Hoople@NFT

Just went to see this new ‘Documottary’ at the National Film Festival in London, great work by all. Chris Hall and Mike Kerry present the story with the passion and affection of genuine fans….Makes me realise I played a small part in one of the worlds greatest rock bands. See it if you can…


ANNOUNCEMENT: 3 EVENTS IN CONNECTION WITH THE MOTT THE HOOPLE REUNION CONCERTS (to be held at Hammersmith Apollo, first week of October) *1* MTH-MTK (MOTT THE HOOPLE – MEET THE KEYBOARDS) After organist Verden Allen departed Mott the Hoople in 1973, Morgan Fisher was drafted in as a sideman, soon to become a full member,Continue Reading