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I’ve tried writing a book about my life but didn’t have the patience, this is more fun so I’ll gradually keep adding recollections of my life events. Any help with stories from you would be appreciated.

Mott The Hoople 1973

Mott The Hoople 1974




  • Amber Gardner


    Hi Blue I’m a blog writer too and I guess you didn’t know that before about me well I’m planning on writing my own book about the Bee Gees infact I had it planned out even before Robin Gibb had died as well as Maurice and even Andy too before Robin I know how Barry feels about losing them all cause I even have had family tragedies of my own so I completely understand how he feels come to think of it what are some fun stories that you have about your days with the Bee Gees?

  • blue


    I wish there were some pictures. I remember singing, that was the first and last time until last year when a friend of mine died and I wrote a song for him and his family and sang it to friends here in our village.

  • Gary E Chapman


    Hi Derek,
    Hello again. I knew you before you became “Blue” and the band was The In-Sect. I played guitar, Hofner Colorama (which I still have) and Vox AC30 also from Gamlin’s. At the time a big name group was the “In Crowd” so we sort of played on that. I remember you singing Johnny B.Goode and the fact that The Kinks were playing next door at the The Capitol Theatre. That’s when Mick Avory hit Dave Davies over the head with his hi-hat. I was living in Ely at the time and for the last 35 years in Canada.

  • musicmaster


    Isn’t his real name Derek Weaver? Awesome player.

    He looks like a guy I know that works at Metlife.

  • Hello, just doing some research for my Ovation Guitars website. Truly more information than you can imagine on the web. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but nice site. Have a good day.

  • Marly


    Sorry for my English, but your post touched me so that I could not remain silent. Thank you for such posts, write more often.

  • Jimmy Stanley


    Hi Blue! How are u doing? Hope your gigs went ok. Just thought I would leave u a message regarding the Maurice number I wrote called ‘Brother Mo’. I was blown away the other week when u contacted me on FB and said u had listened to the song and liked it. It was very decent of u to say so anyway.
    I do hope something can be done with the song as I take a lot of care writing and producing my own stuff in general. I am currently using an eight-track Yamaha Recording Desk lined through a Zoom Effects unit for delay/echo etc… For my sounds, I either use a Yamaha sequencer or Fender Squire strat electric/Ovation semi-accoustic guitars where needed.
    I’ve written scores of other demos which you can hear a selection of on my Facebook ‘My Band’ page. It’s there in the row of Tabs at the top of the page if u click on it. One includes a tribute to George Harrison called ‘Spirit’ complete with sitar and Indian-style slide guitars.
    If you do want to use any of my material or help me improve on any I am open to ideas from u and can arrange a visit no problem. You’re the man who’s seen it all and knows it all backwards after all.
    By the way, I loved listening to your contributions to some of the Gibbs classic songs on ‘Saturday Night Fever’ & on the ‘Spirits’ album on the Ladybird series of collectable demo CDs. Unbelievable stuff! Coincidentally, a friend of mine is organising a mini Bee Gees convention in Hertfordshire on Sept. 6th,and wants me and the guys to come down and sing yours and Robin’s classic motown song ‘Hold On To My Love’ as they like my rendition apparently, I’m flattered, lol!
    Anyway Blue, hope to hear from you soon my friend! Keep those crazy fingers moving, Best wishes, Jimmy Stanley. E-mail me direct on :jimmy6s@aol.co.uk or call my mobile on 07879494476.

  • Mike


    Hi, nice posts there 🙂 thank’s for the interesting information

  • blue


    Hi Laurie yes I remember Mel calling me spinach I really needed some the night he through me and the organ out of the van and left me to get it home myself. Not sure what happened to him maybe still living at home in Pentrebane, Cardiff and still trying to light farts and as for Jack the Letch who knows maybe he went to Splot and ended up as a male model. Neil and Clive are back in Cardiff and Alan in Newport, Mike Smith maybe Worthing, I’m not sure we tried to get I believe royalties or maybe performance payments once years ago and were informed that Mike Smith had collected all for us, we’ve never seen Mike or the money, Mike are you out there? contact me and put the record straight…ah well ‘those were the days’ as Mary said.

  • Laurie Cowley


    Hi Blu,
    Nice Blog,I’d love to know what happened to the other members of Brother John and the Witnesses. I can account for you and Dennis and of course Jeff and myself (Laurie)but whatever happened to Jack the Letch and Mel the Bass. Also have you any idea what happened to Neill and Clive from Amen Corner. Here’s a lesser known fact…..before Gary named you “Blue” we called you Spinach as you always needed a hand with your Farfisa!But your real acheivement for me was playing “Dizzy Fingers” by Carmen Cavallaro….I’d love to think that contributed to one of the many fabulous instrumental breaks you’ve created. Fabulous career and you’ve still got another25 years or so to go. Kindest wishes, regards, Laurie Cowley 07720 405715

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