Jimi Hendrix played with Amen Corner!

Jimi plays with Amen Corner
Jimi plays with Amen Corner

Jimi used to come and jam with Amen Corner when they had a residency at the famous Speakeasy club in Margaret St. London.
The first time he asked to play bass and so Clive handed over his bass then Jimi turned to me and asked what we were going to play I said Otis Readin’s  “Can’t turn you loose’   he immediately turned to Dennis, the drummer, and counted us in 1-2-3-4- and he had the right key and bass part even though I believe he played with the bass upside down (he was a left-handed player), work that one out!

There are many stories to tell about our tour with Jimi Hendrix I will post them all here eventually.
Did you see the tour? Please tell me about that night.

See the official tour poster on Dennis’s site, Amen Corner was billed directly below Jimi

Can also be seen here on Dennis’s MySpace site