Kenny Moore – RIP

Only just read that an old friend Kenny Moore died while on tour with Tina Turner in 1997 I wondered why I hadn’t heard of him for such a long time.

Kenny was a lovely person and radiated a warmth and generosity that is rare these days. He was a fantastic piano player and his roots were in gospel music. I worked with him in Lausanne Switzerland and again in my home studio where I had the pleasure of listening to him and Judy Cheeks sing gospel and blues for hours, we didn’t get much work done that day they just sang and sang more. I wish I’d turned the tape machine on I still kick myself.
Here are some performances with Tina…

This is also great but I believe some of his solo performance has been edited out…please watch all


  • Audrey Hannah


    Kenny was one of many directors for the Mighty Voices of Cornerstone, he was a trainer, coach, friend, and most importantly a mentor. I will love and cherish his memory for a lifetime, and he like all the many other Kings and Queens of Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church lead by the one and only Rev. James Cleveland (deceased) RIP. God had a plan and he chose to pick you all as his flowers. I will watch you grow until my day has come. RIP Kenny!

  • Nathalie


    Hello, my husband was drummer and played with him in Switzerland and on his album. My husband died march 19th the same year. Kenny used to come at home in Lausanne and always asked me to cook Chili con Carne. So everytime he came at home his first words was “Nathalie where is my Chili”. He was always in good mood, happy, smiling and really kind. I hope they play now together in the sky….

  • Ann Feron


    I’ve known Kenny in Switserland when I worked as a physiotherapist .
    In saillant les bains a thermal center.He performed there every night during one month.
    He was such a nice, modest man.I remember I would not believe he was the singer-songwriter of Tina Turner coming to sing in such a small village in Switzerland untill I heard him singing and playing piano .what a great men, with a great sense of humour.

  • Nece' Smith


    Kenny was by far the most genuine human being. Truly a musical powerhouse. I was so shocked to find out he passed away. With deep appreciation for your musical talent and expertise, Kenny you will always have a special place in my prayers. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

  • lawrence vaughn


    I was on the set of “What’s love got to do with it?”
    Kenny heard me singing the song and said, do that again,
    I said , “that’s Tinas song ” .
    We became friends . I miss Kenny so much . He was a GOOD Man. I love you my brother !
    Love , Lawrence

  • blue


    Thank you Michael. I read an article that gave me obviously, if your words are correct, the wrong information.

  • Michael K


    Kenny Moore didn’t die in his sleep. He was known to have health prior health problems, and during the Wildest Dreams tour, while in Sydney, New South Wales, he was admitted to the hospital and later pronounced deceased due to apoplexy.

  • blue


    Thank you. I’m really not sure what the cause of death was but apparently he died in his sleep.

  • Joswe Ramon


    I think he was a special human being in various senses. Tina Turner’s resurrection is hard to understand without him. What was the cause of the death? He was sitll joung.

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