The 80’s – Sampling

In 1980 I bought my first Fairlight (the very first sampler made) and was soon happily creating 1000’s of samples. Then a few years later Akai developed their incredibly cheap, compared to the Fairlight, range of samplers.

This prompted an incredible amount of people and companies trying to sell their own samples every music magazine was smothered with their ad’s each professing to be better than the rest so I created my own range. You can see my ad at the bottom of my “instruments” page.

Did you buy these samples?

Did you buy these samples?


  • Patrick Pieper


    Hello, Mr. Weaver

    I have always marveled at your playing with the Bee Gees. I wonder if you could tell me what synthesizers you used before the Fairlight and sampling, for instance the bass sounds on Spirits Having Flown. How did you get that electric piano sound on Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away)? Thanks!


  • Mariko Egans


    Oh how I pet the music sound from the eighties, everything seemed to be way author fictive than today .

  • blue


    Hi John, your really testing my long term memory now, The Contrasts? Phil Burnet? Help! I vaguely remember, did we change the name of the group to something else? what were all the guys names and instruments? Thanks



    Derek. Just happened across your site. Brought back so many memories. Remember you were playing I think with Contrasts in Cardiff with Phil Burnett et al. I was a cop at the time and used to hang around with Phil. Dont know if you remember. So interested in following your cv on this site through the 60s 70s and 80s. I think one of the clubs you played at with Phil’s band, was the Barry Non Pol up there on the top of the Dock view. Just a reminiscence. The 60s were something else and could never be forgotten.

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