Fans Forever! Thank you all

I recently had a bad time emotionally and aired my views on Facebook and I now have to thank all the Bee Gees fans past and present for their wonderful show of support.

Below are just a few of the wonderful comments I received.

I have read all the comments posted under the “Fanny” link, and I am a HUGE and have been a forever Bee Gee Fan. I agree with all the comments the fans have made, without you , and the others, the music would not have had the “CHEMISTRY” it does. YOU all were and still are part of what made the Brother’s GIBB who they are. Yes, they were the front 3 with the star quality and voices, but, they needed the music to make it happen, and that’s the contribution you all did make, and don’t ever forget that. Rosie was right, we true fans know the history, and all of you, and you are thought of with great fondness for all you contributed. I am honored that you accepted me on FB as a “friend” and have never met me. I just know that you should be proud of all you did and the talent that you have. Sue speaks very highly of you , along with Madlyn Gould and Heidi Bookout, close friends of mine, Madlyn and Sue live in England, Heidi lives in Washington State, and they all have commented on your talent and what your contributions on the albums and live performances were. Carry the good times with you, and I do hope you find the peace you envy in Alan. You do deserve it. Do not ever forget the talent that you have been blessed with, your musical, and writing. I can barely put a sentence together let alone sit and try to put a song together. I have always been in “aww” of people that have the talent that you do. God Speed and take care.

A long loving fan

Penny Schmidt commented on your link:

“Hey Blue! The musicians in a band never get the credit they deserve.  Neil diamond has an amazing band and many with him for years, but they never get the credit due them.  Bon Jovi has 4 main members but there’s always more when they play….no credit given.  George Strait has an awesome back up band, the Ace in the Hole band, but couldn’t tell you who they are. Believe me, as a very long time fan of the Bee Gees, we do know who you guys are-that’s why we have all friended you all on Facebook (thank you for that) and it’s why we feel the pain when a family member is lost.  You, Alan and Dennis were and are very special in our hearts and always will be! Oh to be able to go back in time and see all of you, which I never had the chance to do!”

Sue Davey commented on your link:

“Hi Blue, as a life long Gibb Bro’s fan, I just want you to know and of course Alan, Denis & everyone else who contributed over the years,how important YOU ALL were & STILL ARE to fans everywhere. They were lucky to have such a brilliant band with them.It was a dream come true to meet you in Manchester’03 not just becoz of the BG thing, but to meet such a talented musician & good bloke !!!! I know alot of people who feel the same XXX”


  • Julie


    Blue – as so many others have said, you are greatly admired, and your work for so many has been phenomenal. And I ‘educated’ people on the Youtube comments who thought Mo might have been playing piano for the writing of How Deep Is Your Love. We know you and Albhy did that! Great playing, great composing through many wonderful decades! Thank you.

  • blue


    Thank you. Without fans we would only be playing and creating for ourselves, not much satisfaction there and certainly not the adrenalin rush you get from performing in front of an audience.

  • tory crossley


    As a lifelong fan of the Bee Gees, I feel at a loss, not only never meeting the Brothers Gibb in person, but such a wonderful talent as yourself, as well….thank you Blue for your wonderful and talented contributions to the music industry, not only with the Bee Gees, but Mott and others…..

  • Alison


    >blue. as a huge fan of the Bee Gees, well really >Main Course onward, there’s no doubt that you and >the other guys in the band are a part of the music >as much as the Gibbs. Withouth you guys, it >wouldn’t’ve been half as good.

    Says who? The Bee Gees had over a decade of hits before Main Course.

  • Jillian Grant


    blue. as a huge fan of the Bee Gees, well really Main Course onward, there’s no doubt that you and the other guys in the band are a part of the music as much as the Gibbs. Withouth you guys, it wouldn’t’ve been half as good. I’m thoroughly enjoying the Bee Gees weekend on Radio 2, which you’ve contributed to. Tonight, Steve Levine’s tearing up Tragedy. can’t wait!!! I also never knew there’s a Clavinet in You Should Be dancing. Even though I know it’s there now, still can’t be heard in final mix. Hearing that, along with little delving into Night Fever and stayin’ alive is gold for people like me. brill!!!

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