• Lilia Mercedes


    I was listening to Jive Talking and your keys are unbelievable. I was a kid in the seventies so even though I knew Saturday night fever quite well, it’s not until I’m an adult woman that
    I have the opportunity to hear new sounds from old songs. Thank you-
    For your talent. Best,

  • Susan Hankinson


    HI derek watched the program on the bee gees last night, just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you. All though we are worlds aparts we still love you. Ma mam says she is so proud of the th elitle derek she knew.

    susan says – you sounded so like your dad last night

    if you want os speak to mam she is here now 07967637268 x

  • rita


    hi dered, this is rita from cardiff long time no see glad gto see you’re doing so well

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