Bee Gees Spirits 1979 Tour Rehearsals

Nice comments here from Maurice
The Bee Gees toured with their band, formed in 1975 and which consisted of Dennis Bryon on drums, Blue Weaver on various keyboards, and Alan Kendall on lead guitar.
This band was more than just a group of musicians playing together. As Maurice once said: “They’re part of the family. Having a band that knows how we play and sing and write has really been one of the keys to our sound.”
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  • blue


    Hi Wendy of course I remember you and our bicycle trips to Llandaff fields. Are you still living in Cardiff? I had some gossip from Lincoln Street, sad that Tommy Evans committed suicide and David Fowler came out as being gay, Donald Stratford’s daughter contacted me through FaceBook.

  • Wendy Brennan ne Weeks


    Hi Derek Saw the BG’S television programme on television and could not believe my eyes when I realised it was you.Thought I would say Hello and see if you remembered me from Lincoln Street. Best Wishes Wendy Weeks that was x

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