The Bee Gees Story

Last Friday 16th March 2012 I was a guest at  ‘The Bee Gees Story” performed by The Italien Bee Gees in Papenburg, North Germany.

They asked if I would perform ‘Songbird’ and ‘Our Love(Don’t Throw It All Away)’ with them. We performed them just with voices and piano oh! and I asked their keyboard player just to add a little strings. This was the first time I had performed these songs onstage apart from a concert in Fort Lauderdale where I played ‘Our Love’ with Andy Gibb.

This was a magical night and I look forward to playing with the group again. If they are near you and you love the Bee Gees music go and see them you won’t be disappointed…




    MO SANG SOLO TO ME 7 TIMES, ONE SONG WAS/ ZIPTY DO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Mo sang solo to me 7 times, One song was, Zipty do da,, love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken, a puzzled fan from Japan


    Thank you for your answer! The added string section doesn’t sound completely out place, but it pushes the vocals further back so I was wondering if it was meant to be there. I’m glad I got it sorted out.
    As for the difference in tempo, I’m in no hurry to get the answer, so dig into it when you have time. I know you are a busy man.

  • blue


    Well spotted. The extra strings were added for the movie. I’ll check out which is the correct tempo when I’m next to my piano and get back to you…

  • blue


    Thank you Ginger. It was fun and great to play with those guys who just love singing Bee Gee’s songs and especially as they are also brothers.

  • Ken, a puzzled fan from Japan


    Hello Blue,

    Love your songs, especially “The Way It Was.”

    I wonder if you could answer two questions that have been boggling my mind for years.
    “More Than a Woman” in this SNF clip has an extra (synthesized?) string section that is not heard on the record version during the second verse. Also, it sounds noticeable faster.

    Clip from SNF. Notice an extra string at around 1:20

    Record version. No extra string at1:21

    Q1: Did the movie people overdub the strings, or was it played by you on the original multitrack tape but later mixed-out in the record version?

    Q2: The two versions have different tempos. To me, the record version sounds slowed down, not the movie version sped up. Which do you reckon is at the correct speed (the speed at which it was originally recorded)?

  • Ginger


    Blue, that must have been surreal to be playing those songs after so many years. I just watched the old Spirits tv special from back in the day, and it brought back so many memories. I was at the Miami Baseball Stadium show on 6 October 1979…I’ll never forget what a great show it was. I love your website design…Saturday Night Weaver…brilliant!
    All the best,
    Ginger in Nashville

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