Just looking through biog’s of Mott and I do get a bit ‘pissed off’ when I’m not even mentioned playing with them even if I wasn’t a so-called full member and only guesting, sadly this happens to a lot of musicians during their lifetime. I did, however, participate in a very succesful and important part of their carreer and later on the Hunter Ronson tour where I played all keyboards. Anyway that’s life and there is now video evidence (and a handful of photo’s) that I was there as well as the thousands of people that saw the amazing shows in the US and especially Broadway just ask Brian May what it was like.

Morgan (wara’ bloke!) kindly gives me a mention here…
Wara’ bloke is what Ariel always used to say about Morgan usually with the knuckle of his first finger between his teeth.

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July 1975
by Ron Ross

“Filling out the Hunter-Ronson lineup are a first-rate keyboardist, Peter Arnesen, and Geoff Appleby on bass, from the Rats, an old band of Ronno’s. Since Arneson had to go into the hospi tal for an operation before Hunter and Ronson began their British tour, they borrowed the Bee Gees’ Blue Weaver temporarily. Weaver had previously worked with Mott on one of their American tours.”