Equipment over the years…

Amen Corner

Farfisa single manual
Vox Continental dual manual
Vox AC30
Red and Gold Hammond L102 (Modified by Bill Dunne to include Wah Wah in the Swell Pedal activated by a switch on the side of the pedal, fuzz tab and split body)
Leslie 145 slow/fast/stop footswitch modifeid also by Bill with an 18″ woofer and 4 JBL horns into an enclosure pointing up and into the treble horn this was driven externally by a HiWatt 200watt amp. sounded incredible. Sadly the above gear was sold by Strawbs management , without permission, when the band split up. I had no money to pursue the matter in the courts so was left with no instruments.


Hohner 48 bass Accordion.
Hammond & Leslie (See Amen Corner)
2 x Mellotron M400 with custom Choir tapes
A GEM elec. piano with harpsichord
Mini Moog
Special Italian Lesley effect pedal with no name
Viscount X150 Organ and Viscount Leslie (see this great pic of myself and Alan Haven

Mott The Hoople

Hammond M102 + 145 Leslie
USA – Hammond B3/C3 + Leslie (Usually hired by the promoter)

Bee Gees

Fender Rhodes Stage 88 modified by ‘DynoMyPiano’
usually run through 2a Mutron Bi-Phase or on ‘How Deep’ 2 mono MXR phasers.
ARP Solina modified so that different vibrato speeds on each note
2 x ARP 2600 duo voice sometimes synced together
Mini Moog D model
2 x Oberheim 8 voice synced
Hohner Clavinet
Prophet V
Prophet 10
Yamaha CS80
Yamaha GX1 (The Dream Machine)
Yamaha DX1
Synclavier MK1
2 x Fairlight I II IIx – Series 3
Split Hammond C3 in CP case (No wood) plus Leslie 122


Oberheim OB-3 squared

Oberheim OB-3 squared

Nord 88 Stage Piano

Nord 88 Stage Piano

Oberheim OB-3 Squared Organ

Nord Stage Piano 88

YamahaMFC10 Foot Controller

Hammond XK-3+ Leslie 2101

Yamaha CP4 + Pianoteq Virtual Pianos

Roland AX-Edge – 1961 Hammond M100 – Deckards Dream

Hammond XK-1

Hammond XK-1

 More to follow as I remember (difficult these days)…






Did you buy these samples?

7 Responses to Instruments

  1. blue says:

    It was an ARP 2600 same as Jive Talkin’. The only time I used a Mini Moog for bass was on the track ‘Children of the World’

  2. pato says:

    What synthesizer for bass line on “Nights on Broadway”?

  3. blue says:

    Yes and the Bass. I used an ARP 2600 synthesiser

  4. Andy Liggins says:

    Hi – did you play the synth solo/riff on Jive talking’ pls?

  5. blue says:

    For the 79 tour I used a Yamaha grand piano, Fender Rhodes 88 Suitcase with Prophet V on top, 2 ARP 2600’s, Minimoog and sometimes Hammond B3+Leslie. Please name the songs and I can tell you the keyboards used…

  6. Gary says:

    Love to see info on stage equipment and what was used on certain songs

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