Why Blue?


Charlotte Church’s grandfather Gary played sax in a local early 60’s Cardiff band called ‘The Sect Maniacs’ and he nicknamed me Blue after Bluebottle, Peter Sellers character in the Cult 50’s/60’s ‘Goon Show’.

T Rex – Get It On (totp)

Good to see Sir Elton miming (way over the top) to my piano part,which on this mix you can hardly hear.

Fairweather – Natural Sinner

Fairweather was Amen Corner without the sax players Mike Smith and Alan Jones. For a while we toured with a large brass section but then I left, eventually to join Strawbs, and the band carried on for a short while before disbanding.

Gladys Knight – The Way It Was

A piano piece I’d written before I joined the Bee Gees. One night I was playing this in the studio when Barry started singing along and before I’d finished had lyrics originally called “The Restless Years” but later changed, I wish that tile had stayed as it gets confused with “The Way We Were” especially as Gladys sang it also.
I still get a lump in my throat when I hear this and can’t believe such great singers want to sing my songs.

Andy Gibb/Barbra Streisand – Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away)

So Young! So Talented! So Sad!

Also recorded by Barbra Streisand

Strawbs – Backside

The original working title for this track was “Ciggy Barlust and the Whales From Uranus” but I don’t think the record label liked it so we settled on “Backside”. My Viscount X150 with the Viscount Leslie features on this track.

Strawbs – Old Grey Whistle Test

Very rare! Strawbs play Tears & Pavan.

Strawbs – (S)Hits-A-GoGo

This is what happens when you fly a band to Germany at 7:00am arrive at studio in Baden-Baden at 9:00am and told to go to the bar where there is food and drink, “help yourself and we will come for you when we are ready”. They came at about 4:30pm needless to say all food and Driiiiiiiiink gone. We were not the only band from what I remember there were the Nashville Teens and Junior Cambell. The show was called “Hits-A-GoGo” and someone found a camera pointing to a large card with the shows title on, well a large “S” was added.

Can you imagine, the show was live but the producer nearly died. Anyway a lesson was learnt I’m sure…So tonight live it’s “SHits-A-GoGo”…

Strawbs – Part Of The Union

Strawbs – Lay Down – TOTP

Check out the boots!