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Massachusetts 2015

by on Sep.09, 2014, under Bee Gees, Massachusetts

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We are now preparing a new show for 2015 some venues have been finalised see for more details.

Each year this show grows more popular and we hope you will help us celebrate the Bee Gees music again in 2015.

Thank you


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Massachusetts 2014

by on Feb.20, 2014, under Bee Gees, Massachusetts

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After a very successful tour of Germany in 2013 with the Egiziano Brothers, otherwise known as ‘The Italian Bee Gees’ we have embarked on another tour ‘Massachusetts 2014’ the tour is now over and the response from the audiences has been fantastic.

Massachusetts3We feel a lot happier with the production this time having learnt a lot in 2013. One review said “The best Bee Gees since The Bee Gees” which is really encouraging for the brothers.The band, ladies, Jesse, dancers and crew have, as usual been amazing. I have been included as a special guest and yes I do feel special and never thought I would be back on stage with 3 brothers singing and playing Bee Songs. Thank you all..







See also this link

Now preparing a new show for 2015 most venues have been booked see for details…

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Nights On Broadway live 1975

by on Apr.05, 2013, under Bee Gees, Videos

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Live on the Midnight Special…All live versions of this after 1979 sound weak and more in a cabaret vain compared to this…The vocals are amazing…

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Nights On Broadway – Backing track

by on Oct.07, 2012, under Bee Gees, Videos

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There seems to be a synth part missing in the change from the slow section back into the groove…

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The Bee Gees Story

by on Mar.23, 2012, under Bee Gees, Massachusetts

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Last Friday 16th March 2012 I was a guest at  ‘The Bee Gees Story” performed by The Italien Bee Gees in Papenburg, North Germany.

They asked if I would perform ‘Songbird’ and ‘Our Love(Don’t Throw It All Away)’ with them. We performed them just with voices and piano oh! and I asked their keyboard player just to add a little strings. This was the first time I had performed these songs onstage apart from a concert in Fort Lauderdale where I played ‘Our Love’ with Andy Gibb.

This was a magical night and I look forward to playing with the group again. If they are near you and you love the Bee Gees music go and see them you won’t be disappointed…

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Bee Gees Spirits 1979 Tour Rehearsals

by on Oct.14, 2011, under Bee Gees

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Nice comments here from Maurice
The Bee Gees toured with their band, formed in 1975 and which consisted of Dennis Bryon on drums, Blue Weaver on various keyboards, and Alan Kendall on lead guitar.
This band was more than just a group of musicians playing together. As Maurice once said: “They’re part of the family. Having a band that knows how we play and sing and write has really been one of the keys to our sound.”
See full article here

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The Blue Gees?

by on Oct.03, 2010, under Bee Gees

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This is one of the few videos that actually has some great shots of all the band. All my buttons broke off my shirt but the show must go on!

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Fans Forever! Thank you all

by on Jun.16, 2010, under Bee Gees

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I recently had a bad time emotionally and aired my views on Facebook and I now have to thank all the Bee Gees fans past and present for their wonderful show of support.

Below are just a few of the wonderful comments I received.

I have read all the comments posted under the “Fanny” link, and I am a HUGE and have been a forever Bee Gee Fan. I agree with all the comments the fans have made, without you , and the others, the music would not have had the “CHEMISTRY” it does. YOU all were and still are part of what made the Brother’s GIBB who they are. Yes, they were the front 3 with the star quality and voices, but, they needed the music to make it happen, and that’s the contribution you all did make, and don’t ever forget that. Rosie was right, we true fans know the history, and all of you, and you are thought of with great fondness for all you contributed. I am honored that you accepted me on FB as a “friend” and have never met me. I just know that you should be proud of all you did and the talent that you have. Sue speaks very highly of you , along with Madlyn Gould and Heidi Bookout, close friends of mine, Madlyn and Sue live in England, Heidi lives in Washington State, and they all have commented on your talent and what your contributions on the albums and live performances were. Carry the good times with you, and I do hope you find the peace you envy in Alan. You do deserve it. Do not ever forget the talent that you have been blessed with, your musical, and writing. I can barely put a sentence together let alone sit and try to put a song together. I have always been in “aww” of people that have the talent that you do. God Speed and take care.

A long loving fan

Penny Schmidt commented on your link:

“Hey Blue! The musicians in a band never get the credit they deserve.  Neil diamond has an amazing band and many with him for years, but they never get the credit due them.  Bon Jovi has 4 main members but there’s always more when they play….no credit given.  George Strait has an awesome back up band, the Ace in the Hole band, but couldn’t tell you who they are. Believe me, as a very long time fan of the Bee Gees, we do know who you guys are-that’s why we have all friended you all on Facebook (thank you for that) and it’s why we feel the pain when a family member is lost.  You, Alan and Dennis were and are very special in our hearts and always will be! Oh to be able to go back in time and see all of you, which I never had the chance to do!”

Sue Davey commented on your link:

“Hi Blue, as a life long Gibb Bro’s fan, I just want you to know and of course Alan, Denis & everyone else who contributed over the years,how important YOU ALL were & STILL ARE to fans everywhere. They were lucky to have such a brilliant band with them.It was a dream come true to meet you in Manchester’03 not just becoz of the BG thing, but to meet such a talented musician & good bloke !!!! I know alot of people who feel the same XXX”

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Bee Gees – Midnight Special

by on Dec.21, 2009, under Bee Gees, Videos

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Never seen so many shots of me in any video before – must have cost me a packet….(Not the clip I intended to show as that has been stopped by the record company or whoever…Mmmm)

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Stayin’ Alive – Ozzy Osbourne/Dweezil Zappa

by on Feb.10, 2009, under Bee Gees, Other Groups/Artists

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2 versions the first uses the original track with my Rhodes part quite prominent and still disco…

This version more heavy rock…both I think amazing covers

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