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Beautiful village nr. Bremen with great live music venue

One Foot In The Blues

Just Another Easter Monday

Musik Laden Studios


Remembering Summer…

Musik Laden

After Beat Club Michael (Mike) Leckebusch created Musik Laden in a studio underneath his house near Bremen. It was an amazing task and when watching repeats of this program and visiting the studio you would not believe it was possible (that is unless you performed on the Old Grey Whistle Test). I was lucky enough to do both and was invited again back to the old Musik Laden studios for an impromptu gig last Friday evening. It is amazing everything is still there and working and the sound studio with ASP board is available for hire. I remember so much of this equipment and how fascinated I was each time I had to record and perform on shows like this and then always want to checkout the video side of things.




Thank you Dr. Siegfried Zaft for saving all and now you are able take us all back to our youth…

My Friend the Bosendorfer

My grandson Robert took this great picture during my 70th birthday party @ the Musichall Worpswede…Thanks Rob…

Worpswede Magic

Worpswede December 2017

Almost Christmas and it’s white…I expect it will be gone before Christmas eve especially as we just ordered a snow plough from eBay…

Worpswede Sessions

What a great way to spend a Tuesday evening.The sessions alternate between Sontag and the Village. Playing with great musicians and learning lots of things, like improvisation and stuff that I could never do onstage and never really had the time to learn. Love my little Hammond SK2 and Leslie 2101, both sound great.