We Are One


It was 21st May 2012 when I heard that Robin had died the day before. For days after that the realisation that there was now only one brother left haunted me.

After Maurice died I realised that I would never be able to fulfil my dream of ever playing again with the brothers but I did hope that there was a possibility of performing with Robin and Barry but again my dream was shattered.

I heard a quote not sure where it came from but instantly it made the situation clear ‘We are one’.

I am not a lyricist or a singer, I have worked with so many greats I didn’t need to be and writing words never came naturally in fact picking up a pen and paper was difficult but I wrote down…

I’m standing on this stage alone,

Another spirit not yet flown,

But when I look around I see,

All my brothers standing next to me,

and singing harmony,

and when that final song is sung,

now We Are One…

I then sat at my piano and came up with this melody.

I tried writing other words but nothing touched me as much as that final verse that I had written and I realised there was really only one person who could finish it and sing it…

I always imagined this would be an orchestral track maybe with some piano hopefully one day it will be completed. I am never happy with my performances as I really wish there was ‘someone’ there to sing it for you.

I believe now more than ever especially with what’s happening around the world we need to stand together as one…

PS. I performed a medley of songs on our wonderful Worpswede Musichall Bosendorfer for friends and family for my 70th birthday and I keep looking around in surprise as all my grandchildren joined me onstage and this was the final very emotional song…


Kandy Road

When not creating music I like to make videos for my friends this is the latest for my friend Brian Parrish…

Music Room Chiswick ’86

Not a great quality picture. Anyone that visited would remember Chico under the console.

The Norwegian Barn, Elstree

This was my home(along with some other girls’n’boys from around the end of ’69 until 1971. It didn’t have the upper windows back then.
Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti spent part of their honeymoon there and she had her jewellery stolen, apparently the thief spent some time in the roof space above their bed before descending and robbing them…

Alan Haven, Viscount, ARP & Me

In 1972 I bought a Viscount Organ after meeting Alan Haven. He had his Viscount organ keyboard controlling the ARP 2600 it and he were amazing. I used it on Strawbs ‘Bursting At The Seams’ album and live gigs. It can really be heard on the B side of ‘Lay Down’ originally titled “Ziggy Barlust and the Whales from Uranus’ but the record company thought it better to change the title we then suggested ‘Backside’ but they called it ‘B Side’.
The Viscount Leslie style speaker was unique in as much as the whole speaker revolved to create the slow/fast effect…

1987 Frankfurt Motor Show

The first 9 cover tracks on my MP3 Player were created for Volkswagen’s presentation at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show.
We held auditions at Skyline Studios Dusseldorf as each singer also had to dance and each had to have an individual look and ethnic background if possible.

I was first tested to see if I was up for the job with ‘Good Vibrations’ I created a Logic backtrack and then got musicians into Townhouse Studios for the recording.
All the voices were created by Anthony Rivers, Tony Rivers and I think John Perry or maybe the Swetenhams? (I will check this but I know it was a Grapefruit). I got the gig…

The following tracks apart from Jimmy James were writing demos… Sorry the quality is not so good they are all MP3 and long tracks like Prayer-Great Gig in the Sky are only 192khz

I created the Great Gig In The Sky Track for anyone wishing to attempt the vocal part. The Intro is my own I had the idea of putting the Lords Prayer over it but am still waiting for a sign from above…

Facebook & Blue Weaver (now resolved)

Facebook has blocked my Blue Weaver account. They say I have to supply proof that my name is actually Blue Weaver and supply a copy of passport or ID. All they have to do is Google me to find out why I am Blue Weaver. I think I now have contact with a real person, Jennifer so hopefully this absolutely stupid situation will be resolved but I ask all friends who read this to please post on Facebook the fact that this is the name that all know me by….Thank you (hopefully always) Blue...


Remembering Summer…

Nice Collection of Blue Links

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Sunday Night Live

20th October 2019

I am really looking forward to this ‘Sunday Night Live’ event at the wonderful Bloomsbury Ballroom an opulent Art Deco venue in London’s West End. We promise you some surprises and a wonderful evening and even something special in the afternoon. Keep watching this space…

Hurry get your tickets now for 20th October

Blue Weaver